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Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Universal) Review

Written By Adma on Saturday, August 17, 2013 | 5:46 AM

Plants versus Zombies 2 might be the extended-anticipated follow-up for the iOS megahit Plants versus Zombies. It offers baby plants, new zombies, new cell phone industry's, and new techniques in the free-to-play package.


Like the original, Plants versus Zombies 2 (PvZ 2) can be a lane-defense game that begins you against hordes of comically absurd undead with no cent to safeguard yourself but plants. They're no regular plants, however. Due to Crazy Dork, they have been modified to shoot, fling, explode, electrocute, flame, punch, block, freeze, butter, spring, making sun (the in-game currency familiar with deploy plants). Yeah, Crazy Dave’s some form of genius. When you progress through the sport, new zombies are introduced that may defeat your protection. However, the quantity of one's is maintained having a concurrent relieve baby plants to cope with this new threat. The techniques are knowing which plants to select for each round, things to defend your lanes, and the way to create your protection.
Plants vs. Zombies 2

So, how can PvZ 2 change from PvZ? To start with, it’s much more difficult. This can be somewhat mitigated with the ease of access to fertilizer that every so often drops from eco-friendly-tinted zombies. Place this fertilizer on any plant watching it hulk-in spectacular fashion. Pea Photography enthusiasts become Gatling Pea Photography enthusiasts, Cabbage-Pults fling cabbages throughout the sport board, Sunflowers spew sun, and Bloomerangs shoot a withering barrage in 4 directions. Every plant possesses its own special animation connected using this energy-up, and they are satisfyingly spectacular to check out. Additionally, there are yet another way to escape a great place, and that’s to take a position your hard-acquired gold to directly intervene by decapitating, electrocuting, or flinging zombies along with your fingers. This can be pricey, however, so take advantage of the god-like forces moderately.

PvZ 2 is occur three (potential four) amounts of time: Ancient Egypt, the sailing-laden sea, as well as the old west. Each zone is represented having a winding path occupied by various plants and upgrades. A couple of of those are locked behind gates, that could just be employed by collecting the requisite volume of secrets, and each " " new world " " is only able to be applied by collecting the requisite volume of stars. Generally, I'd condition that it becomes an unfortunate recipe for grinding (repeating the identical levels over and over again, wanting for needed items to lower). Fortunately, most stars are granted by beating old levels in new ways, making these formerly-carried out levels feel new again.

PvZ 2 is a superb game that, sadly, stands inside the large shadow of the predecessor. To start with, there is no Zen Garden, that's the most popular part of the original game. Second, farmville will be a lot harder, which is clearly balanced toward In-Application Purchases more plants, upgrades, and coins. And third, the little-games and special game modes, while mostly still present, are scattered, unmarked, with the adventure map. Yeah, they’re there, but all the best finding them. Now, at the risk of sounding just a little being an apologist, I'll partially address my own, personal complaints. First, the Zen Garden was ultimately a gold gold coin factory, a thing that does not have devote a freemium title where microtransactions rule your entire day. Still, I miss it sorely, and also have the hands of EA, Popcap’s new overlords, within the absence. Second, the game’s difficulty might be substantially reduced by buying plants, upgrades, and coins. When I certainly recommend the initial two, I'm lots of disdain for your latter, particularly for kids who've virtually no restraint, and may quickly blow-through thousands of coins within the first hint of problems. For seasoned players, however, buying coins is totally unnecessary. While I’ve never been hardcore enough to acquire anywhere near to the original game’s leaderboards, I still handled to see through PvZ 2’s entire adventure and unlock every gate without trading only one gold gold coin of my acquired gold or possibly any actual money! It absolutely was hard, however, which i do not recommend it. Provide the designers by buying some upgrades and plants. You’ll have an overabundance fun and they’ll get taken proper care of their effort. Just don’t get in love with coins. You really don’t want that monkey laying lying on your back.

Inside an odd coincidence, my boys which i entered John Vechey, one of the founders of Popcap, while travelling recently. I didn't recognize him, clearly, but my youngest boy immediately keyed on his Popcap sweatshirt and faced him. Over the following half-hour, he spoken cordially about his games, and made an appearance truly very happy to have his lunch party crashed. I used to be playing through PvZ 2 in those days, in addition to loved the exchange. Thanks, Mr. Vechey that lunch was the highlight from the great vacation, and so they still discuss it.

Plants vs. Zombies 2


In the event you loved the graphics in the original Plants versus Zombies, you’re prone to take advantage of the pictures of PvZ 2, too. The form is unchanged (fortunately), but everything looks fantastically vibrant, crisp, and vibrant better yet in comparison to first, due to retina graphics.


The large the majority of my gaming usually eventually eventually ends up with me at night turning the music activity off as well as the appear effects lower. Every so often, after i have noted in other reviews, a game’s music and/or appear effects are wonderful enough that we even achieve within my earphones. You'll find, however, basically a really handful of games that make that happen duration of near audio perfection, and PvZ 2 is really a such game. Satisfying and varied appear effects and possibly the very best original gaming music on the market the audio standard by which all games needs to be judged.


Plants versus Zombies 2 is a superb game which goes beyond my disdain for freemium game game titles by delivering an amazing gaming experience without getting greedy. While it’s missing some key features within the initial (namely the Zen Garden), will still be one of the better gaming encounters you’re vulnerable to find on any platform. Go download farmville now, on another be stingy about purchasing some plants and upgrades. Make an effort to stay in the gold gold coin treadmill, however. It'll get pricey fast.

Ratings (scale of a single to 5):

Graphics: - 5 - Beautiful, amusing, and imaginative. An enjoyment to look at.

Appear: - 5 - The audio defacto standard for game game titles. Fantastic appear effects that are surpassed only with the soundtrack.

Controls: - 5 - Intuitive, responsive, efficient, and classy controls get this game a delicacy to see.

Action: - 4 - Classic action that in some manner exceeds the first. I’m subtracting a location without Zen Garden, however.

Playing Guidelines to help you:

When you collect secrets, you have the opportunity to unlock premium plants. Round the Egyptian level unlock the Bloomerang first. In Sailing Seas, you have to keep your tips for unlock the extra seed slot first. Too as with Wild West, the very first unlock needs to be Wal-Nut First-aid. Don't spend any coins before beginning repeating levels to earn stars. A couple of of those challenges are unwinnable without any expenditure of coins. Always pursue the Yeti Zombie whenever he appears. His lunchbox includes fabulous honours.
Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Universal) Review
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